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Ayesha Malik for President

As the article says: “Alaskan Muslim sisters Ayesha Malik and Faryal Malik, who may or may not run for public office one day, took this photo as proof of their foreign policy qualifications — for they too can see Russia from their dock.”

Faryal and Ayesha Malik

Faryal (left) and Ayesha Malik: Russia in sight, White House
on horizon?
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Whether or not the sisters will one day contest for the White House remains for the future to disclose, but already, and merely by posing for this photograph, they do much to refute the myth that there is such a thing as “Muslim garb” by which some people might be identified as targets for profiling and additional scrutiny.

Travel the world — literally or by examining internet travel sites — and you cannot but be impressed by the fact that Muslims can look like anybody: They are no more identifiable by appearance than are Christians, Buddhists, atheists or Wiccans. Ideology and faith are matters of mind and spirit; they are not graven upon our faces, nor encoded in our DNA, nor expressed in our clothing, nor yet limned upon our skins.

Originally published as a review of a blog post
on "Muslim garb".
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