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The U.S. and Israel: two of a kind?

I find it interesting that the headline for this article describes Israel as it does. Particularly with the incoming far-right Republican House of Representatives, it is only a matter of time, I suspect, before we see headlines describing the U.S. as follows: “America — Increasingly Paranoid and Isolated, Dominated by Fundamentalists, Armed with Over 7,000 Nukes.”

U.S., Israeli flags on display at a demonstration in Washington

Barring the way: U.S., Israeli flags on display at a demonstration in Washington.
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Such a juxtaposition may seem far-fetched, for the U.S. at least feigns compliance with a doctrine of separation of church and state. But this doctrine has become increasingly nominal in recent years, and it is no coincidence that the U.S. has bound itself ever closer to Israel as its Christian Taliban faction has gained in power and ubiquity of influence.

What does this mean, and why does it imply an ever-cosier embrace of these two countries?

As a glance at certain blogs on the StumbleUpon servers — and many news stories — will tell you, many U.S. Christian fundamentalists believe that we are entering biblically prophesied End Times, in which the Rapture is imminent and will arise from a confrontation between Israel and its neighbors. Worse, the fundamentalists are actively seeking to bring this about, while using every opportunity to convert Jews in the process in fulfillment of certain aspects of this prophecy. The fundamentalist Israelis, meanwhile, are perfectly happy to let them try, while accepting their generous and unconditional support; paranoid and isolated they may be, but they are also realists and won’t remain deaf to opportunity’s knock, and see in this a chance to enlarge Israel to its biblical borders in fulfillment of their own prophecies and secular agenda alike.

As these symbiotic sets of fundamentalists firm their grip on their respective countries’ decision-making apparatus, we may expect ever-tightening bonds to follow, with political, diplomatic, economic and military collaborations in reserve as needed.

Originally published as a review of an article on Israel.
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