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Satire is a dead letter

No wonder the Onion had to stop publishing a print edition. Satire has lost its bite; it has become a dead letter and a nullity. No one could possibly invent anything as absurd as what passes for serious thought on the part of fundamentalists in power.

Rep. John Shimkus

Rep. John Shimkus being taken far too seriously.
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If only this were satire, though. As it is, this lunatic stands an excellent chance of shaping energy policy in the United States as long as the Republicans control the House.

And the saddest aspect of all is that this man, who bases all of his thought on one book, has not understood what he is reading. It is impossible to read the Bible through (as I have, twice, to my great pain and enlightenment) without realizing that the message in Genesis is that we are the stewards of our world. If I took all of this as literally as do the fundamentalists, I would dread the prospect of meeting my maker and explaining why I destroyed his works for profit and twisted his words to justify it. Even within the confines of the authority he quotes, John Shimkus is dead wrong, and it will cost all of us.

I do believe in religious freedom, but it is tempting sometimes to suggest passing a law against electing fundamentalists of Shimkus’ stripe to any office more powerful than dogcatcher. And even then....

Originally published as a review of a Daily Mail news report.
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